He lived long. I hope he prospered.

Premiere Of Paramount's

Rest in peace Mr. Nimoy.  I greatly enjoyed your work and my condolences go out to your family and friends.


So, I have a blog

Been working on deciding how to go about writing a blog and what exactly it will be about.  Difficult part right now is trying to type with an incredibly uncooperative “L” key as my son has somehow managed to infest my laptop with crumbs despite not being allowed to touch it.

h2014-11-01 14.25.05

So I suppose I’ll post a pic of some of my work.  This was a series of “princess” hats I made by request.  Uh, lets say Snow Princess, Water Princess and Tidy Princess with a fondness for mice and pumpkins.  I’m told the little girls who were the recipients absolutely adore them.

2014-11-09 19.40.552014-11-09 19.40.37

These ones are neat.  I made the ball of yarn on the left into the hat on the right.  That one was a free pattern I found on www.ravelry.com called the Squarshy Hat http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/squarshy-hat.

Looking forward to getting some stitching in tonight.  Just checking if the Winnipeg Jets are playing tonight and…YES!!!!  Mommy is gonna cuddle up with her jammies and her Jets and work on Papa’s afghan.

2014-12-29 19.19.57

Remember to Think Knotty Thoughts

Adventures In Custom Crafting

Wow. I have a blog. We’ll have to see how I go about using it but the plan is to create posts about my knit and crochet adventures, current projects and things I’d like to try. Think Knotty Thoughts is the title because I’m predominantly a knitter and crocheter. There are a few (dozen) other crafts I’d like to try too though and those experiments will probably end up here too.

For now I’ll just digest the possibilities of my very own blog and think up stuff I’d like to put up here.

Have a good sleep.