F**k Cancer

2015-04-30 20.54.27

On Monday, July 20th, 2015, we noticed our dog Ace had swollen lymph nodes under his jaw.  Got an appointment at the vet on Wednesday the 22nd.  We’d read up on it on the internet which is horrible to do but we’re not the usual kind of people who take whatever the net says as fact and freak out about it.  We treat it sort of like reading the short synopsis on the back of a book.  Gives one an idea of what to expect.  So, could be an infection, allergies (which he’s been prone to pretty much all his life and was what we were hoping for) or cancer.  That last was why we got him in right away.

The Dr. wasn’t very hopeful.  Turns out all of his lymph nodes were swollen.  There was much poking and prodding and samples taken with needles to the point the poor little dude was all tender and swollen.  Vet said it was almost certainly cancer but they’d need biopsy results to be sure.  That night we talked


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