Fuck me and my Sandwich huh?

Recently read a blog post that I found incredibly annoying and thought I might write my thoughts about it. The post can be found here…

Is Your Child’s PB&J More Important Than My Child’s Life?
Now for the record, no. My child’s PB&J is NOT more important than any child’s life. It never has been. When my son was in daycare and they had a no peanut policy I sent plain jam sandwiches every day because he wouldn’t eat meat or cheese ones. I finally found a soy substitute for peanut butter that didn’t taste like ass and made sure everything involving his lunch had the included stickers to ensure that everyone knew it was nut free. I ran home once when I pulled a complete bonehead that I thankfully caught en route when I put Nutella in his sandwich without thinking. We call it chocolate butter at our house but thankfully I remembered the hazelnuts before we got there.   I buy rice crispy treats for The Boy’s birthday because they have the nut free symbol on them instead of making him the cake he asked for because my kitchen is in no way nut free and I can’t guarantee anything coming out of it isn’t contaminated (I haven’t managed to kill any of my nut allergic friends yet but still can’t guarantee). So again, no, my and my son’s consumption of nuts isn’t more important than the risk to other children who allergic to them. That does not mean I have to be happy about it. 

Where does this woman get off sending out a general, widespread and literal fuck you to anyone who might bitch about nut free policies?  You’re a momma bear?  So what?  So am I. That doesn’t mean I go out in public and hand out a giant middle finger to everyone in the friggen planet for not caring about my child. That daycare he used to go to?  They used to do a summer outing with the kids every other week or so. They used to pack them all up and parade them all down to the Dairy Queen a few blocks away for ice cream. Then, they got a kid with a nut allergy. Unfortunately, DQ has a great big sign that says “we are NOT nut free” so the munchkin with the allergy couldn’t go. They accommodated him by leaving him at the daycare with a staff member. One on one time is expensive. Wasn’t good enough. They made it policy that none of the children could order anything with nuts. Not good enough. They couldn’t guarantee that the children wouldn’t carry back any microbial bits of nut atoms with them so what happened? All 80 kids have to go without one of the best field trips of the summer because the world is hazardous to kids with nut allergies. Fine. It’s necessary. Still don’t have to be happy about it. So to the lady who says fuck me and my PB&J,  right back atcha. You might be a momma bear and your little bear might be cursed with an allergy that can kill the poor little bugger but this momma bear has accommodated to the detriment of my own child so you can take your fuck you and shove it up your arse. 


One thought on “Fuck me and my Sandwich huh?

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