One of Those All White Days

2016-03-04 10.54.17.jpg

The view outside my window right now.  It’s an all-white-day.  The kind of day people with no-sun disorder have problems with.  White sky, white snow on the ground and falling.  Doesn’t help that I live in a white house with a matching white garage.  My blue-eyed Boy and Hubster would walk into the living room right now and hiss like a vampire walking into the sun.  It doesn’t bother me so much, with darker and more resilient green eyes.  The snow falling makes me glad I took a second to snap a pic of this…

2016-03-03 17.40.34.jpg

Just a tiny blast of colour in the snow.  Saw it while we were picking The Boy up from daycare and it pleased me.  Was thinking I could make it the lock screen on my phone.  I love colours so much.  Just put this bit of art on my wall…


Yes, I know.  It’s 4-year-old kid art.  It pleases me though.  The mix of colours makes me smile and I’m happy I had a frame laying around that I could put it in.

As for the cooking stuff.  Went with actual banana bread.  Apparently it’s delicious as I left it out to cool for the night and went to bed and woke up to it already half gone from menfolk eating it for breakfast.  The recipe I used was Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. appears to be my go-to website for new recipes.  Every time I Google something, even easy or budget recipes, it’s the first link that comes up and it hasn’t let me down yet.  I guess I shouldn’t just take the guys’ word for it…

2016-03-04 11.26.20.jpg

OMG that is gooooooood!  Moist but not soggy.  Dense but not like a brick in my tummy.  Thoroughly not surprised now that they’d devoured half of it so quickly.  Goes splendidly with my coffee and my vape of choice this morning.  Giving myself a treat today and filled up my tank with one of my premium ejuices.  King Kong from Premium Labs I Can’t Believe It’s Not Donuts line.  This is the only line of ejuice so far that I have liked EVERY flavour.  King Kong is a cinnamon sugar maple dip banana donut.  It is heavenly.  It’s treats like this that have got me through all the shit that’s happened lately.  I used to smoke a pack a day.  Now I just take a few puffs of this kind of dreamy juice and any vague thoughts of smoking or occasional cravings just disappear like a puff of vapor.  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Donuts has four other great flavours as well.  I even got lucky and had one of the most awesome vape shop guys ever, Brennden at Steam Shoppe here in Winnipeg, sell me the only gift box he or I had ever seen of the stuff at the time.

Great guy, great shop, great juice.

So, that’s it for today.  Between typing paragraphs about so many of my favorite things I’ve been whittling away at the mountain of dishes that I’ve collected over a couple days.  Dishwasher is broken.  I wonder if professional dishwasher would look good on my resume.


The elixir of life

I am a mom with a full time job. I depend on coffee to live. Beyond avoiding the incredibly horrendous headache that happens when I get past 10 in the morning and haven’t had any yet, I like the taste and the smell of a fresh pot brewing is a happy part of my morning routine.

I have a small problem though. This:

If I leave my cup unattended for even a moment he helps himself to my serving of good morning.

For anyone not too familiar with dogs and which breed is which, our buddy Ace is a Jack Russell Terrier. Most people would recognize the breed by well known examples such as Eddie from Frasier or Wishbone of children’s tv fame. Those two were well trained and obedient. Ace, not so much. One thing the tv pups aren’t great for showing is that the absolutely last thing a JRT ever needs is a morning caffeine rush. Ever. Ace vibrates with energy in his sleep. He can run in circles with the boy for hours and tows me along onleash like I’m not 400 times his size  (I may be exaggerating a bit, I’m not quite that big yet). He is never in need of a boost.

Still, I often sit in my big comfy chair, reach over to grasp the handle of my cup of morning ambrosia and find a cup of pouty disappointment in its place. All I have to do is look over at the dog, rattling like a whole flock of irritated snake tails, to know where it got to. Good thing I made a whole pot.