The elixir of life

I am a mom with a full time job. I depend on coffee to live. Beyond avoiding the incredibly horrendous headache that happens when I get past 10 in the morning and haven’t had any yet, I like the taste and the smell of a fresh pot brewing is a happy part of my morning routine.

I have a small problem though. This:

If I leave my cup unattended for even a moment he helps himself to my serving of good morning.

For anyone not too familiar with dogs and which breed is which, our buddy Ace is a Jack Russell Terrier. Most people would recognize the breed by well known examples such as Eddie from Frasier or Wishbone of children’s tv fame. Those two were well trained and obedient. Ace, not so much. One thing the tv pups aren’t great for showing is that the absolutely last thing a JRT ever needs is a morning caffeine rush. Ever. Ace vibrates with energy in his sleep. He can run in circles with the boy for hours and tows me along onleash like I’m not 400 times his size  (I may be exaggerating a bit, I’m not quite that big yet). He is never in need of a boost.

Still, I often sit in my big comfy chair, reach over to grasp the handle of my cup of morning ambrosia and find a cup of pouty disappointment in its place. All I have to do is look over at the dog, rattling like a whole flock of irritated snake tails, to know where it got to. Good thing I made a whole pot.