Yes, I am knitting. On the bus. 

I always have at least two projects going. One is usually a large one, like an afghan or towel set, that takes up some space so I need room to spread out. The other is always a small and easily mobile project that I can pack in a little bag and take on the bus with me. I’m on the bus for at least two hours a day so it’s nice to have something to do and I love the fact that I’m being productive.

This is me knitting on the bus. It’s gonna be a cowl made from a basic 2×4 basket weave pattern I found on Craft Cookie. I use my Denise Interchangeables with a cord so I don’t have long needles poking anyone sitting next to me.

About that. I find, when I’m working on a project on the bus, that no one wants to sit next to me. I’m not scary looking or smelly. Don’t listen to loud music. I always try to take up as little space as possible yet the seat next to me is almost always the last one someone sits in. People actually stand sometimes rather than sit beside me. I always wonder why. Is it fear that I’ll snap and start stabbing people with my needles?  Honestly, I find knitting and crochet very relaxing and am probably one of the calmest people on the bus. I’m eagerly awaiting someone saying something. Just wanna be able to say, “if I start feeling stabby you’ll be the first to know.”


So, I have a blog

Been working on deciding how to go about writing a blog and what exactly it will be about.  Difficult part right now is trying to type with an incredibly uncooperative “L” key as my son has somehow managed to infest my laptop with crumbs despite not being allowed to touch it.

h2014-11-01 14.25.05

So I suppose I’ll post a pic of some of my work.  This was a series of “princess” hats I made by request.  Uh, lets say Snow Princess, Water Princess and Tidy Princess with a fondness for mice and pumpkins.  I’m told the little girls who were the recipients absolutely adore them.

2014-11-09 19.40.552014-11-09 19.40.37

These ones are neat.  I made the ball of yarn on the left into the hat on the right.  That one was a free pattern I found on called the Squarshy Hat

Looking forward to getting some stitching in tonight.  Just checking if the Winnipeg Jets are playing tonight and…YES!!!!  Mommy is gonna cuddle up with her jammies and her Jets and work on Papa’s afghan.

2014-12-29 19.19.57

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