Clever mom moments

2016-02-24 18.33.12

I have been blessed with a beautiful, clever, delightful (most of the time) little boy.  Dinner time is not always one of those delightful times however.  He also happens to be a bit of a picky eater.  He did clue me in to a clever mom moment this past week though.

Since I’ve started my career as a stay-at-home mom I’ve been putting a lot of effort into cooking homemade foods for all of us for both health and financial reasons.  Something I never had time for before between working full time and momming the rest of the time (how lax I’ve got in the wife-ing department is a different blog post.  Man did I find a good one in The Hubster).  I started with something easy, turkey soup.  We had a late Christmas turkey dinner a few weeks ago for dad since he missed proper Christmas dinner being stuck in the hospital.  I kept the carcass and made soup with it.  Didn’t think The Boy would even touch it as it was chock full of veggies and such but instead he surprised me and loved the hell out of it.  French onion soup was also a big hit once we got him to taste it.  Perhaps someday I’ll actually get him to believe me when I am battling with him to “just try one bite and I promise you’ll like it!!!”  Ever since those soups, every time I ask him what he wants to eat he asks for “real soup” (not sure where he picked up the phrase but he means instead of packaged or canned soups).  I asked him what kinds of real soups he would like to eat and he declared that he must have spaghetti soup.  Oh boy.  How the hell do I make spaghetti soup for a picky eater?

Turns out all you need is animal noodles.  Picked some up at Bulk Barn for about $1 and added them to a can of tomato soup.  That was it.  I would never in a million years have thought he would ever…EVER have eaten tomato soup but as the picture shows, he chowed down on it like he hadn’t eaten in days.  I took pictures just to remind myself that he did actually eat it.  Now I guess I have to find a recipe for “real” tomato soup for when tomatoes are in season again in a few months and stock up on animal noodles.  Or alphabet noodles.  Whoa!  There I go being clever again.  ABC’s and good food all wrapped up in one.  Woo hoo!  I can totally do this full-time mom thing.

For those who might be curious, that is a small part of my yarn stash in the background.  I have a *cough* small problem when it comes to yarn and thread and crochet and such.  I have managed to curb it a bit what with having no money and all.  This pile is my current projects pile and consists of about ten half-finished projects and the yarn I’ve pulled out for them as well as the eight or so I intend to make.  I only actually remember half of them but I’m sure I can find a use for the yarn or else I can just go through it and take great pleasure in handling and sorting all the lovely yarns and of course have to pull out the rest of the stash just so I can make sure it all goes where it’s supposed to and get to play with all of those as well.